Life’s too short for regrets,
which is why Rascal,
your new side-kick,
is always down to brew
up some serious fun.

Natural Flavours

10% ABV

Triple Distilled

Natural Flavours

10% ABV

Triple Distilled


Rascal’s drinks are a fantastical blend of cocktails and refreshing summer sodas, delivering bursts of joy that’ll keep you coming back for more. Choose from three thrilling flavors:

Rum & Cola

The classic drink, with an added twist of spiced rum for some extra fun. It’s the timeless flavor you love with a dash of mischievous flair.

Lime & Mint

Picture a minty-fresh explosion with a burst of zesty lime and a funky fizz. Oh, it's a refreshing charm you won't want to resist!

Coffee Caramel

Get ready for a sinful combo of chocolate, caramel, and a kick of coffee. It's a blend of sweetness and intensity that'll keep you on your toes!

We looked up and down, near and far, only to find no fun, easy-to-drink mixes that don’t feel heavy or leave you hanging with the same old side effects. Enter Rascal, made for pleasurable, gluten-free, light and easy drinking moments.

Life should be lived to the fullest, creating stories that’ll make your friends say,

“No way!”. With every sip of these cheeky conocotions, you’re not just drinking;

you’re embarking on a journey of taste and enjoyment.

Hi there!

I’m Suramya Kedia, the architect, and designer behind Rascal, part of the Great Galleon family.

With a keen eye for design and a passion for crafting pleasurable drinking experiences, I ventured into my family's 35-year-old brewing and distilling business to create Rascal.

Drawing inspiration from the changing drinking patterns and evolving youth, I’ve set out to redefine the art of drinking.